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First of all, "That's What She Said..."

Okay, now that that has been handled, i have finally scanned one of my sketch folders onto the new computer. Thus I will be uploading new Trad. Arts in the coming days. I should have done this some time ago... like when i started my dA account, but I am very scatter brained, hence why i have never posted my DCAU Green Lantern: The animated series stories. Now the real series is out, though it is AMAZING, mine would take place within the pre-established 'primary' universe. Anywho, blame it on my ADD. I'm working on getting some of my stuff on here, but my crazy-ass mind as other ideas...TRILLIONS OF THEM, and all at the same time no less...
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Ok, as I have said in the past, the Green Lantern Corps DCAU stories I'm working on are coming along. In fact, the first story 'Ringside' is COMPLETE. I will submit it as soon as possible, but here's a quick teaser for you impatient GL fans:

"For eons now, we have watched over this universe. After some trial and error, we found success in the establishment of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS. 3600 of the most courageous and strong-willed beings from each charted sector of the universe keeping order and justice among countless worlds. We are the GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE, an immortal people that have evolved since the dawn of existence itself.
Contrary to the comprehension of mere mortals, immortality is not a state of infinity. While the physical body withstands the tests of time, the being at its core tires with each passing moment. We remain now only to keep order amongst the stars until the next race evolves to immortality to take our place.
We believe this race to be the humans of a planet called Earth. As a result of this belief, only our best corpsmen, women, and other beings are assigned to sector 2814. To further protect these beings from harm, we mustn't over protect them. Although, beings of our vast experience do have more… subtle methods of insurance, in order to provide a head start for the inevitable. I am Ganthet, and these are the TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS."

I promise that more will come soon, The first story should be posted by the end of the week, if not then by the beginning of next week with any luck. Thanks for the support, as always feedback is great, positive, negative, or otherwise. Thanks all! May the Light protect you...
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OK FOLKS! I'm outta my slump and to prove it check out my new project:


a throwback of the older annuals in the gl legacy, i've got 25 stories lined up that i'll be releasing upon completion that follow along the DCAU version of the greatest heroes the multiverse has ever known. While i have story lines for all 25 episodes, i dream of it being it's own animated series, but that'll never happen, I'm just putting them in a good readable format for all gl fans to enjoy. I'll keep you posted. Please give me any feedback you like, I needn't anymore info of tthe corps, actually that's how i learned to read, so if you would just shoot ideas at me, i already know the other stuff. Just to be clear, i'm not bragging, i'm just saying ican name each sector, the known planets for each sector, each lantern from each corps in each sector as well, and that's just the start, but i only say this to prove that i don't need info, only cool twists don't worry i don't plan to disapoint. I hope you all find it worth of the BOOK OF OA.

sorry for the wait, it's been a very busy few months for me... I am still working on the GL stories, there are now 55 of them. I am going through one by one retooling them to perfect them. I've got an excellent opening monologue by Ganthet that I'll post as soon as I get near a functioning computer again... damn viruses. Anyways Here is a list of the first three issues/episodes/chapters/stories/whatev...

Ringside- The true origin of Superman

From Qward With Hate- Sinestro vs. Abin Sur leading up to the events of Superman: TAS 'In Brightest Day...'

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight- John and Katma Tui's last mission together before John returns to Earth and Katma trains Kyle.

I hope these get your interest, PLEASE give me some feedback and opinions if you have any. Thank you, it's greatly appreciated. Until next time, X.
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Ok, in all honesty I got sick of looking at the same entry over and over everyday, (because dA is my homepage) so I've decided to do as much customization as a free account will allow, and I'll post the names of some awesome people whose work you should be checking out. If for some reason you like my work, I would totally recommend checking out these folks because their stuff is much better. slemge
http://`  `cheeks-74 RudyVasquez Javas
traditionaldanimatio.deviantar… traditionaldanimatio

That's all for now, I'll add more as time goes on.
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A man said to the Universe, "Sir, I exist."
"However," replied the Universe.
"The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation."

yeah, so that's how I feel. The poem belongs to Stephen Crane. It's one of my favorites, and along with other things it is something i'm working on doing a photomanip for.
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Ok, I know I've only got 7 deviations, but I have been scattered lately with my inspirations and i tend to scrap a lot of stuff that i actually draw (because i don't draw well) But i have developed a load of comment based thoughts recently. While i am very intrested in a great deal many of things Humanity in general never ceases to amuse me. Some of the "IMPORTANT" issues are some times some of the biggest jokes, it's time to look beyond our petty socioeconomic bs and enjoy life for what it is. People give Carlos Mencia a lot of crap, but the stuff he says, even if someone else has said it before, it's getting more attention and thought because of him. He proves societies fear of honesty.

All of that being said I know a lot of people don't read these journals, unless the author is of true awesomeness (traditionaldanimatio and RudyVasquez for example). I won't type  too much after this statement, but i will now be installing my thoughts on... well... random stuff hopefully inspiring you true artists, it's proven two heads are better than one in most circumstances, but two heads with millions of creative opinions is far more productive and effective.If you feel so compelled, feel free to comment and or note me because i crave attention... no i don't but it is nice to see different views on things, i'm always willing to be humbled for the sake of knowledge. So for my first installment I will be ranting, for lack of a better word, about two things:

1.) m night shyamalan
   -ok, a lot of people give this guy crap because he is a little different when it comes his directorial style. Granted whispering is NOT scary, nor suspenseful the man has put out some good movies. The problem is the advertisement for his movies, everyone goes in thinking "yay, scary film!" when they need to be going in thinking "this is going to be completely random, but the actors are good, the story looks interesting... ah hell!, let's see where it goes." Then you'll be pleasantly surprised that the movies are interesting to those with an open mind... i'm sorry someone is reading over my shoulder, one moment please..... Oh, ok my fault, apparently M. Night Shyamalan did NOT direct Snakes On A Plane, in that case, cut the whispering crap man, it's old i wanna see more mutha fukin randomness in your mutha fukin films! but i do support Unbreakable.

   - Alright, aside from the fact that no one that i know can tell me what the hell the acronymn for NASCAR stands for... most of the people ask me what the hell an "ack my nine" is... aside from proving my point, The OIL CRISIS that is supposedly at hand has drastically raised the prices at the pump! (aside from the fact that there are far more morally pressing issues to worry about) It's bad enough that the idiots who drive hummers and complain about the price of gas are voicing how victimized they are, they also tend to be the same guys that sit on their asses on Sunday afternoons, get drunk and watch a bunch of colorful blurs go around in circles. Not to say that driving a car in those conditions is easy, but the sport isn't really necessary is it? I mean granted the type of fuel they use is different, but the process and manpower they require could be used to do other things. Not to get rid of jobs or anything, but this isn't really a productive sport is it? sure it advertises, but what doesn't anymore, ditch NASCAR and let the money go to help kids, veterans, or even the space program! still allowing for jobs for these folks. Otherwise... ah never mind.

</end rant>
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I am back, I must apologize for starters to all of you who have been messaging me or commenting on my stuff. I wasn't ignoring you, i've just been extremely busy lately, so a belated thank you for your views, comments, collections, favourites, and patience. Also as i have at least had time in the last couple of days to browse some images and add to my collections. You all have some awesome stuff, and there is no need to thank me for faving your stuff. You made it so i thank you for posting it here where it can be viewed. keep it up, and hopefully i will have more to contribute soon.
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A Man Said To The Universe
"Sir, I Exist!"
  "However," replied The Universe
   "the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation."

                                -Stephen Crane
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I am still looking for ideas of things to photoshop but i do have some excellent possibilities
Hopefully I'll have 'em up for you all as soon as possible.